cab components breakdown

Discover what materials curtis can offer you

Curtis Cab Components

Doors, Roofs, Rear Panels, Windshields, Cowls, and More…

Door Construction Options

Windshield Construction Options

Roof Construction Options


Steel or Aluminum
Color-matched Powder Coat
Rubber Trim
Acoustical Headliner


Several Material Options
(TPO, ABS, HDPE, etc.)
Improved Styling
No Headliner
Color Matching Possible

HVAC Systems


Plumbed into Vehicle Cooling System

2 Speed Axial Fan

Custom Wiring Harness

3 Vents

Most Economical

Custom Heater

Plumbed into Vehicle Cooling System

Factory Look

Custom Wiring Harness

Any Combination of Vents

Multiple Axial Fans or Squirrel Cage Blower(s)

Universal A/C

Roof Top Design

Electric or belt-driven Compressor

70 Amps Required for Electric

(Large Alternator or Dual Alternator)

~16°- 35° Temperature Delta

Pre-charged at Factory

Custom HVAC

Integrated Design

Belt-driven Compressor

 AC 4.4 kW – 9 kW

Heat > 3.5 kW

1 or 2 row config.

Pre-charged at Factory