Terms and Conditions


  • Prices, terms, and conditions are subject to change without notice. Availability is subject to production, stocking, and demand. All prices are in U. S. dollars.
  • Returned Goods – Returns are only accepted after a returned materials authorization number (RMA) has been issued. Returned goods are subject to a 20% restocking fee, plus any necessary repair or repackaging costs incurred. Freight must be prepaid by the shipper.
  • Defective Goods – We stand behind the quality of all Curtis products and will allow full credit, including freight charges, for returned goods found to be defective in materials or workmanship. All merchandise returned to the factory must have an RMA.
  • Damage Claims – If your order was shipped by a carrier through Curtis, you need to notify Curtis immediately so we can file a claim against the carrier. If you contract your own carrier, you must file any claim for damage with your carrier.


  • Curtis Industries, LLC reserves the right to change product design or specification without notice or liability.
  • Curtis Cabs -WARNING- All Curtis cabs are designed and manufactured for use only as reasonable weather protection. Curtis cabs are not applicable, nor should the cab be considered as protection against rollover, collision, or other accidents that may result. Curtis cabs are NOT R.O.P.S. cabs unless specifically listed as such in the product specification. Cabs should be used by qualified, experienced equipment operators using extreme care.


  1. Curtis Industries, LLC reserves the right to change the Required Date, without penalty. Please do not ship earlier than the Required Date unless otherwise authorized.
  2. The Supplier is responsible to obtain any necessary documents, specifications, drawings, etc. to produce the parts per the revision levels indicated by this Purchase Order.
  3. Supplier assumes responsibility to meet the Required Date and maintain acceptable product quality. Failure to meet these criteria and purchase order terms and conditions will jeopardize the purchase order.
  4. All delivery dates represented on this document are dock dates to Curtis, please plan transit time accordingly. Delinquent shipments may be subject to a 1.5% debit in the amount of the value of the items that are delayed by more than 10 days. Late shipments must be communicated at least 10 days prior to the expected ship date. All shipments will be measured for on-time delivery. Failure to meet acceptable on-time delivery requirements may result in the cancellation of the purchase order without penalty.
  5. All price changes need to be submitted, in writing, for review and approval prior to shipment.
  6. Any shipments with more or less than the quantity ordered needs to be communicated and approved prior to shipment.
  7. No substitution of any items is permitted unless approved, in writing, by both our Purchasing and Engineering groups.
  8. All materials supplied to Curtis Industries, LLC must comply with the Restricted Materials List.
  9. All shipments must be packaged appropriately according to industry standards to prevent product damage. If shipments are not packaged accordingly, Curtis Industries, LLC reserves the right to refuse delivery and return at the shipper’s expense. It is the supplier’s responsibility to ensure all documentation, i.e. Bill of Lading, Pro-forma invoices, etc., are complete and accurate and comply with Curtis Routing Guide Instructions. Otherwise, Curtis Industries LLC. reserves the right to charge the difference in freight charges to the supplier.
  10. All Steel products need to be appropriately treated to prevent rust. Treatments must be approved by Curtis Industries, LLC.
  11. An acknowledgment of this purchase order needs to be received in two (2) business days. If the supplier is unable to meet the required date a promise date needs to be provided. Supplier’s On-Time Delivery will be measured to the promised date. Failure to provide an updated promise date will indicate acceptance of the required date. Please contact the appropriate Buyer with any questions and/or concerns regarding this agreement.
  12. Acceptance of this purchase order indicates the supplier’s agreement to comply with the signed NDA/Confidentiality agreement in its entirety, signed at the commencement of this relationship.
  13. Suppliers agree to allow Curtis Industries to audit/evaluate them, when necessary.
  14. Suppliers are responsible to maintain all material certifications, test results, and/or quality certifications.