Extra Large Universal ROPS-Mount Canopy


62” long and 48” wide at the back, tapering to 43 1/2” in the front

Versatile | Lightweight Aluminum | Reversible | Universal Fit

Extra Large Universal ROPS-Mount Canopy, mount, and all hardware included.

Available in 6 Colors: Black, White, Gray, Red, Orange & Green

Turn the canopy to the rear-facing position for shade while operating the backhoe.

Remove the canopy in seconds for easy trailering or to maneuver around low obstacles.

  • Canopy adds 4 inches perpendicular to the flat top surface of the ROPS
  • Unclipping and removing the top, the brackets extend approximately 3 1/4″
  • Fits Maximum ROPS Size 3” Wide X  2 ¾” Thick
  • Requires 10 inches of flat surface on top of ROPS