Warranty Claim Process


  1. Complete all Customer / Equipment Information on the Warranty Claim Form (see below) or contact Customer Service at 508.853.2200 to request a Warranty Claim Form.
  2. Diagnose the problem, determine corrective action to be taken, and document:
    • Failure mode
    • Cause
    • Corrective Action
    • Parts needed for replacement (Part numbers)
  3. Parts to be submitted for warranty consideration: Parts required to complete the repair must come from distributor inventory and or be ordered through Curtis customer service.
    • If parts are needed to complete the repair, order them with the normal ordering process. Parts will be shipped and charged to your account with a credit issued when the claim is approved.
    • Submit and identify any labor to be submitted for warranty consideration.
  4. Parts replaced for the repair must be kept at the distributor, or dealer location for a period of 90 days, identified by the equipment serial numbers.
    • All Hydraulic Pumps, Cylinders, Wiper motors, Heaters, Electronic parts, etc. must be returned to Curtis Ind. LLC for warranty credits, an RMA will be issued on a monthly basis.
    • All non-conforming sheet metal; welded parts will require pictures of the defect.
  5. Curtis may, within a 90-day period, will request any and all parts are returned for examination before approval of the warranty claim. If Curtis requests parts be returned, an RMA will be issued. Failure to return requested parts within 30 days will result in the warranty claim being denied.
  6. Parts returned should be returned by transportation Freight Collect. Do not return parts unless requested to do so by Curtis. Once the repairs have been completed, review the Claim Form for accuracy and completeness and mail, or email the form to Curtis Industries, LLC. Missing or inaccurate information will delay the processing and crediting of your account for parts and labor.
Please contact Curtis Industries, LLC at 508.853.2200, Fax: 508.854.3377, or email info@curtiscab.com with any questions.
Warranty Claim Form